Web Design and Development Efficiency

Getting a web design and development project started can be quite daunting, especially when you do not understand much about what it involves. Relying on an expert who you hardly know, less the fact that the person you are talking to is just a sales person and not the developer who is taking your brief. The web design and development efficiency is close to unknown.

In engaging a web design service, we should take a look at a few reference before we decide on who will be the best service provider to do the job. Here are a few points to help you make a good decision on the right vendor to award the website project to.

Web Design Projects References

An experienced web designer or developer will definitely have some past projects to showcase. You get an idea what kind of websites they have developed before. From there, you can probably grab what you like and don’t about those website references.

Website Design Portfolio

Web Designer and Developer Strengths

Some web design agencies only know how to develop simple website or they chooses to only take up project of this kind for fast turnover. Other agencies can take up complicated development that can take a few months to complete. Depending on what kind of website you need. If you require a very complicated eCommerce website that has several marketing tools to be developed, then you better get the capability of the developer checked.

Other service provider may also be good in web design but lack the development capability. Web design and development are actually two separate but integrated process. The designer design the website and developer will implement the design to web HTML and also create CMS for easy update.

Website User Experience

This is the most talked about subject when comes to web development these days. As more people are using web to find what they are looking for, website user experience is becoming important in getting sales conversion.

From the beginning of the site visitor’s visit to the time the visitor exit the website, are you capturing anything from the site visitor?

The customer’s journey will form an experience in your website and this will either bring this site visitor back to your website or not anymore. We want people to click into your website and continue clicking from A-Z to find what they are looking for. If they come to your website and exit immediately, that forms a bounce rate that is not good for the search engine rating.


The above will be points for discussion when you try to engage with the web designer of web developer. With proper brief and understanding, you will have a well developed website.