Website Planning

From design to marketing

For complex web projects, intensive research and planning are required before jumping into design or development. We will guide you through the process and create your first website specification document.

  • Convince investors that your web project is serious.
  • Accurately calculate the timeline, budget, & requirements for any web project.
  • Reduce headaches later down the road by planning everything from the start.

design and marketing

Step 1: Discover

  • Client & Stakeholder Interviews:

    Nobody understands your business better than you do. This is the stage where we learn everything we need to know to help you with your online strategy.

  • Goal Analysis:

    What do you hope to achieve with your business in the upcoming years and what role will your online strategy play in reaching those goals?

  • Industry & Competitive Analysis:

    Once we understand your business, we research what others in your industry (including your direct competitors) are doing both online and offline to promote and market their businesses.

Step 2: Plan

  • Feature Prioritization and Sitemap:

    What features are critical for the success of your website?

  • Features & Functionality Breakdown:

    What are the technical requirements of your website (e.g. e-commerce functionality, social media platforms)?

  • Information Architecture:

    How will information be structured on the website (content management systems, database structure and management)?

Step 3: Visualize

  • Wireframe Creation

    This is where we translate ideas into visual imagery that gives our clients a clear idea of what the website will look like (in terms of structure) before the actual web development begins.