Website Optimization Addon

Website Optimization Addon Plugin

When you build a WordPress Website, it gives you a lot of possible website optimization addon that can make your site performance better. Here are some of the optimization addon I have recently added to my website, which see an increase in site optimization.

  1. W3 Total Cache

    This is a good add on that will significantly increase the website load time. It allows you to optimize the HTML, Javascript and CSS. To further improve the website speed, you can add CDN to make the plugin work better. This is also one of the most popular website optimization addon around the world. For more information you can read about the plugin here


    As your site starts to add up data, you need a plugin to help you clear up some of the data in your database for better efficiency. This is when this plugin will do wonder for your website. It help defrag the MySQL tables and remove unnecessary data. To read more about this plugin, check out the link here


    This is another speed optimization addon that you can use to stack on the few I mention earlier on. You may want to take in these options as consideration but do use with care as some my break your site design if not tested well. So you can choose a few alternative from among what I recommended here.

    WP Optimize automatically cleans up your WordPress database and let is work more efficiently. You can control which optimization you think is necessary and set schedule to do the clean ups. This is mobile friendly as well and come with multi-languages.

    This plugin aggregate and minify and cache scripts or styles. You can defer and more scripts to the footer so that the web page will load more efficiently


    Another website optimization addon that you should not do without. Images can really slow down your website. Therefore, you should use this plugin to optimize the images for fast loading speed. According to research, images account for 62% of total page weight within the website. The plugin will help you resize, optimize and compress all of your images for web. This way, your web page will be smaller in size and load faster.

You will probably find more plugin that will do the job for you. If you start to do a site audit, you can see other problem in your website. As speed optimization is merely one part of the entire website optimization, you should really do a site audit to be sure what else is missing. For more information on this plugin, you may read here

For profession advise on website optimization, you may check out some local SEO company for advise.

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